Hive’s solar strategy – Our 10 GW solar pipeline

Hive's solar strategy - Our 10 GW solar pipeline

At Hive we have been working on solar development and construction since 2010. We are now active in over 20 countries across the globe and not only are we focusing on solar power, but we have expanded to alternative clean technology, including wind, green hydrogen, and green ammonia. On top of renewable energy, we are investing in the circular economy through Hive Aggregates, Hive Ventures, Hive Carbon, and Hive Ecosystems.

Solar is still very much on our radar though! In fact, almost half our renewable energy pipeline sites are purely solar. We have almost 10 GW in our solar pipeline (9,841 MW to be precise). As well as a strong pipeline, we have successfully completed over 40 sites.

Hive’s completed solar projects

In the past 12 years Hive has successfully completed 46 projects, including the recent sale of three sites in Spain. We have sites in Cuba, Spain, Türkiye, and the UK. In total, the 46 sites amass to 1,906 MW with a total capex investment of over £1.5bn. Our biggest solar farm to date is Cleve Hill, located in Kent, UK. The Cleve Hill development is 374 MW. The site had its wildlife protection work undertaken earlier this year and construction is scheduled to begin this summer. Once complete, the park will provide power to over 91,000 homes.

Hive’s solar pipeline

To date we have primarily developed and constructed solar sites across Europe, but our pipeline is vast. We have 18 countries with solar pipelines, including LATAM, Canada, Greece, Italy, Mozambique, Serbia, and more. We also recently announced our expansions to Croatia, France, Nepal, and New Zealand.

Our pipeline is at a variety of stages. Across the globe Country Managers have sites on which they are securing land and grid, or preparing and securing permits, and some sites are close to reaching RTB (ready to build) status.