Green Hydrogen

Whilst hydrogen itself is emissions-free, it needs a lot of energy to make it.

That’s why at Hive Energy, we are investing in dedicated renewable generation and energy storage systems to produce 100% green hydrogen and ammonia.

We are adopting a sector-focused strategy to scale up green hydrogen/ammonia production globally to decarbonise those hard-to-abate and energy-intensive industries, transport, and energy sectors.

Since Hive was established in 2010, we have invested in innovative solutions to help save the planet. We have become specialists in solar energy. And we are now on a mission to develop a fully sustainable energy source and storage solution in the form of green hydrogen. Our hydrogen mission will support the wider system integration and meet the needs of smart energy transformation.

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Hive Hydrogen is passionate about creating a greener future, contributing to decarbonisation, and achieving our net zero ambition.

The Hive Hydrogen team are harvesting the power of water, the sun, wind, and innovative technologies aiming to create a fully sustainable hybrid energy solution alongside our solar assets to become a leading green energy developer and producer globally.

Green hydrogen is a key field for us to expand within the renewable energy ecosystem.  In recent years there has been strong momentum in green hydrogen development in many countries by adding green hydrogen as a key renewable source into their energy mix.

The Hive Hydrogen team is active globally and we are currently developing and executing H2 projects across Spain, Türkiye, Africa, LATAM countries, and more.

Shirvine Zhang - Director of green hydrogen

Shirvine Zhang

Head of Hydrogen & Hybrid Energy

Cesar Amarillo

Cesar Amarillo

Design Engineer

José Mariá Gómez - Green Hydrogen

José Mariá Gómez

Business Development Manager


Estanislao Martínez

Business Development Manager

Álvaro Aguado

Business Development Manager

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