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Africa green Energy 

Africa is a vital area for renewable energy focus. 

In Africa, green energy is still severely lacking. It is estimated that only around 3% of Africa’s energy is sourced renewably, significantly lower than averages across the world. Because of the large coastline, Africa is well suited for hydropower production. At Hive, we are focusing on wave power by creating green hydrogen and green ammonia projects in South Africa.

In 2021 we announced plans for the world’s largest green ammonia plant, to be based in Nelson Mandala Bay. The project will not only generate vast amounts of green ammonia for the clean fuel and maritime industry across the Far East and Europe, but will also include the largest clusters of PV farms and Wind assets under single ownership in Africa.

The project will be supporting Africa’s ‘Just Energy Transition’.

Hive Energy and Built Africa Team
We began our green energy development journey in Africa in 2015.

The Hive Africa team are based in various locations, including Zambia, Mauritius, and South Africa. The team are working on a variety of green energy projects across the region, including solar, green hydrogen and green ammonia. Our Hive Carbon and Hive Ecosystems teams are also based in South Africa. Hive Carbon is working on patented BioChar technology and Hive Ecosystems are planning projects to restore depleted land, sequestering carbon in the process.

Colin Loubser

CEO Africa

Alison Cowie

Financial Controller

Trevor Donian

Program Director

Zander van der Walt

Development Manager

Thulani Gcabashe

Chairman - Hive Hydrogen SA

Veronique Grey

Project & Operations Admin

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Senior Project Manager

John Francis

Project Manager

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Technical Director

Benji Mothibedi

Legal Director

In December 2021 we announced our plans to create one of the world’s largest green ammonia plants in Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa. 

Working alongside Built Africa we are developing large scale hydrogen and ammonia plants across South Africa, powered by renewable energy. Following COP26 and mounting global pressure to reduce fossil fuel use, we are going to leverage our renewable energy expertise to develop green ammonia across the globe. The Hive site is located in Coega, Nelson Mandela Bay.