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Hive Energy UK - UK solar park
In the UK, green energy currently only makes up about 20% of all power used. 

Hive was founded with the aim to be part of the transition to a cleaner future. In 2010, 75% of the power generated in the UK originated from gas and coal. In comparison, less than 43% of power was sourced from fossil fuels in 2022. In comparison to other countries, the UK still has some improvements to be made. Fortunately, the UK green energy goals are to achieve 100% renewably sourced power by 2050.

The Climate Change Act 2008 creates the outline of the UK’s approach to tackling climate change. The act was established to help mitigate the impact of climate change, the steps in place are to be followed by the UK Government. The Climate Change Act is a legally binding agreement that must be met by the leaders of the UK.

To date, Hive has completed, or sold, 30 photovoltaic/BESS projects across England with a total capacity of almost 750 MW. Our portfolio contributes to just over 5% of all installed PV capacity in the UK, which totalled 14.3 GW at the end of 2022.

UK Climate Change Act 2008: Goals for 2050

Hive Energy UK - Company Headquarters
Hive Energy’s journey when Giles Redpath founded the company in 2010 with the aim to support the UK’s green energy transition.

Our UK team is based across multiple locations around England; our Romsey HQ, London office, and Liverpool office. Thanks to the success of our solar projects, we have been able to carry our strategy forward to new green energy technologies that will allow us to further our positive impact. As well as power, our focus area has expanded into circular economy investment. We are experts in green energy, but we also have the capacity to do more. So, we invest in like-minded, sustainable companies to support our mission for a net zero future. We have teams across the globe but two of our Clean Futures groups operate from the UK. 

Hive Aggregates, based in Retford, is responsible for the progression of our fly-ash converting project, which is the first of its kind. 

Hive Ventures is our circular economy investment team, based in Liverpool. This team works with our sustainable partners on product development and circulation. 

Giles Redpath - UK green energy

Giles Redpath

Chief Executive Officer

Dana Cable - UK green energy

Dana Cable

Financial Controller

Mike O'Neill - CEO Hive Renewables at Hive Energy

Mike O'Neill

CEO - Hive Renewables

Karen Carter

Karen Carter

Assistant Accountant

Roy Naismith - UK green energy

Roy Naismith

Chief Financial Officer

Jodie Alesbury - UK green energy

Jodie Alesbury

Marketing Manager


Jo Allen

Head of Finance & Accounting

Ross Champion - Head of Investment Finance

Ross Champion

Head of Investment Finance

Hugh Brennan

Hugh Brennan

UK Managing Director

Chris Sheen

Commercial Manager


Laurie Lysandrides

PA to Giles Redpath

Lauren Allanson-Bailey

PA to Mike O'Neill