Our Circular Economy Group Companies

We believe in the power of the circular economy.

As we continue to expand our portfolio of activities, we are looking to understand, explore and invest in innovative and emerging technologies to support our mission for a cleaner future.

We have a growing list of group companies. We invest in these sustainable businesses and support their growth and product development. The group companies we work with are located across the globe and all share our mission to reduce the impact we are having on the planet. From solar entities to BioEnergy producers, we are all working with a common goal to reduce carbon emissions and create sustainable alternatives. 

BambooLogic is an industrial scale bamboo plantation company, based in the Netherlands.

Currently, the company has around 150 hectares established in Southern Portugal to grow bamboo, which will then be sold as a low-footprint material for use across the textile, paper, construction, composite, and food sectors.

In addition to the production of affordable and sustainable bamboo, the company will be storing carbon in the soil on the farms which can then be assigned as carbon removal credits. Over the first 15 years of the project, BambooLogic plan to sequester 1,000,000 tonnes of CO2. 

CuanTec is a circular economy business based in Scotland.

CuanTec will convert shellfish waste into chitin, a naturally occurring, 100% compostable biopolymer with a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries.

Today, shellfish waste creates environmental damage; it is either sent to landfill or incinerated, emitting tonnes of damaging CO2 into the environment.

The CuanTec proprietary technologies use a novel, scientifically proven method to process this waste stream in an environmentally friendly way, producing valuable, high-quality chitin, with no CO2 emissions, using 66% less electricity compared to traditional chitin extraction processes.

DBG BioEnergy Group is a highly innovative green energy company based in the Netherlands.

Based on circular economy principles, they do biotechnological research and development in the field of agricultural products and processes and manufacture them into commercial end products.

Hive Energy acquired 70% of the DBG Group B.V. The partnership, called Hive BioEnergy, will focus on transforming industrial waste into Biogas and fertilisers. This marks another key milestone in our mission to create transformational change for a cleaner future through partnering with world-class Circular Economy companies.

Ethical Power is one of UK’s most ambitious sustainable energy generation companies.

It has market leading expertise in Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracts, Operation and Maintenance (O&M) and Asset Management. Ethical Power’s O&M Team operates more than 250MW of PV across the UK and expects to construct a further 300MW in coming months.

In November 2020, Hive Energy acquired 50% of the Ethical Power Group. Our partnership with Ethical Power transforms Hive into a fully integrated market-leading renewable energy business, with a track record across the whole life cycle of solar energy projects.

MyDD Points is the UK’s fastest growing digital loyalty programme, that rewards you for shopping with your favourite local independent stores and restaurants.

Via a smartphone app, My DD Points enables local businesses to communicate directly with their customers, promoting their deals and discounts more efficiently while allowing customers to collect points and earn rewards.

MyDD Points was founded in 2018 and has since become the fastest growing digital loyalty programme for independent businesses in the UK. The business mission is to help communities thrive and strengthen the bond between independent stores and customers.

NER is a circular economy business based in the South of England.

The company plan to convert agricultural waste, including wheat straw, into EcoPulp; an alternative to wood-based pulps in the production of paper packaging materials.

Packaging is a major environmental concern, with many industries looking to move away from non-biodegradable, fossil-fuel plastics. One alternative is the use of paper, card, and moulded fibre packaging. However, these materials require the use of wood pulp, the production of which raises environmental implications.

Packamama is protecting Mother Earth with its innovative, low emission wine bottles. 

The company, based in the UK and Australia, is making an impact with its innovative bottle design and climate commitment. With the future of our planet in mind, Packamama has designed a new eco-friendly wine bottle that is made from 100% recycled PET. The bottles are not only made from recycled materials but are completely recyclable by design, a benchmark example for circular economy products.