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Hive Energy Spain - Spanish solar development - Valdesolar Solar farm
Spanish leaders have set a goal to reduce carbon emissions by 2050. 

Spain is already at the forefront of renewable energy leadership. In 2020 Spain was already running on almost 50% renewable energy. As part of its net-zero commitment, the country will need to advance their renewable energies – this will also boost job availability and economic growth for the country. 

Spain is already making positive steps forward in line with its goals outlined in The Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition. In order for Spain to reach their green energy goals, the plan is to increase renewable energy generation capacity by at least 3 GW a year. It will be investing in Photovoltaic energy (PV), wind power, and green hydrogen. 

So far, Hive has completed over 1.1 GW of solar projects in Spain, with almost 2 GW more of solar/BESS in our pipeline. In addition, we have launched plans for one of Europe’s largest hydrogen hubs in the country. 

The Spanish Law on Climate Change & Energy Transition has two proposed phases:

Deadline 1 - 2030

Deadline 2 - 2050

Hive Energy Spain - Spanish renewable energy team
Hive has been developing solar projects in Spain since 2016. 

Since 2016 the team in Spain has grown exponentially.

Our venture into the country was in line with Spain’s commitment to green energy. In Spain, the green energy agenda is at the forefront and the country aims to run on 100% renewable energy by 2050. 

The first recruitment for the country was Country Manager; Luis Martínez Hermida. Luis has successfully grown Hive’s Spanish team to a team of over 10 renewable energy experts. Since 2016, the team have completed 18 solar sites and have a strong pipeline of solar and green hydrogen projects. 

For Hive Energy, the Spanish green energy revolution has played a key role in our development. Spain is a perfect location for solar projects due to the positive, proactive acceptance of the government and the ideal weather conditions. We have a pipeline of almost 2 GW photovoltaic or battery storage projects, and a further green hydrogen pipeline. 

Luis Hermida - Hive green energy

Luis Martínez

Country Manager Spain

Cesar Amarillo

Cesar Amarillo

Design Engineer

Cristina Keller - Hive green energy

Cristina Keller

PA to Luis Martínez

Irene Soler

Irene Soler

Business Development Manager

Gerardo Ruiz Schafer

Gerardo Schafer

Operations Director

Salvador Blanquer Calvo - Hive green energy

Salvador Calvo

Business Development Manager

Fernando Lloret - Hive green energy

Fernando Lloret

ECP Senior Manager

Miguel Angel Boix Alvarez

Miguel Alvarez

Business Development Manager

Elena Roca

Elena Roca

Business Development Manager

Alexandra Salinas

Finance Manager

Sonia Casado

Finance Manager

We announced our plans to develop Europe’s largest green hydrogen hub, Albamed green hydrogen project, in early 2023. 

The Hub will be delivered over four phases. The first phase is expected to achieve the final investment decision (FID) in early 2025 and full operation in the second half of 2027 – including up to 800MW electrolysis combined with 1.1GW Solar PV, 284MW onshore wind and energy storage system. Hive started the permitting of the first phase in January 2023 and at the same time has presented the project to the Regional Government of Castilla La Mancha to be declared as Priority Project. By 2030, the site will consist of ~9GW of solar and wind energy and ~4GW of electrolysis capacity.