Hive Ecosystems

Hive Ecosystems is part of the Hive group, based in South Africa.

Hive Ecosystems was established in 2021 to initiate a land restoration project. In 2022, the team secured 7,307 ha land for long term land transformation/restoration in the Albany Thicket biome. The project will restore parcels of land which has been degraded and depleted of Carbon, Nitrogen and minerals from years of intensive over grazing and agricultural farming.

Towards the end of 2023, the team purchased an additional parcel of farmland, adding 1,000 hectares to their existing restoration capacity. The new site is located only a few kilometers away from the existing Hive Ecosystems farms, meaning it’ll be an easy transition for the team once the current farm work is complete. 

Hive Ecosystems has started introducing millions of spekboom plants to the depleted areas in order to rewild the natural landscape and nurture carbon from the growing  foliage, with the aim to plant around 9 million cuttings in coming years. The project will not only be beneficial in terms of carbon sequestration and land conservation, but local communities will benefit from an increased supply in jobs required for the projects.

Director Ecosystems: Japie Buckle

Japie Buckle

Hive Ecosystems Director

Farm Manager: Richard Strydom

Richard Strydom

Farm Manager

Karen Milne

Nursery Manager