Albamed Green Hydrogen Project

Hive Hydrogen Spain is delivering one of Europe’s largest green hydrogen/ammonia hubs, Albamed. 

Spain has committed to reducing its carbon emissions by 2050. The country is already paving the way for a renewable future, running on around 50% RES. As the country plans to expand its renewable energy infrastructure further, with goals to increase capacity by 3GW per year, our team seized the opportunity to expand into green hydrogen development in the region. 

We already have significant success in the Spanish green energy market, with 18 projects either completed or sold, adding more than 1.1 GW of photovoltaic capacity to the Spanish grid. With our expert team, knowledge of the landscape, and industry relationships and partnerships, Hive Hydrogen began to explore opportunities in green hydrogen development as we grew our global expertise in the technology.

The team, based in our Alicante office, is now working to bring the first green hydrogen hub to Albacete. The Albamed project was launched alongside our two other green hydrogen/ammonia hubs – Coega Green Ammonia Project (South Africa), and Gente Grande Green Ammonia Project (Chile). 

We announced our plans to develop Europe’s largest green hydrogen hub, Albamed green hydrogen project, in early 2023. 

The Hub will be delivered over four phases. The first phase is expected to achieve the final investment decision (FID) in early 2025 and full operation in the second half of 2027 – including up to 800MW electrolysis combined with 1.1GW Solar PV, 284MW onshore wind and energy storage system. Hive started the permitting of the first phase in January 2023 and at the same time has presented the project to the Regional Government of Castilla La Mancha to be declared as Priority Project. By 2030, the site will consist of ~9GW of solar and wind energy and ~4GW of electrolysis capacity.

We have already secured more than 20,000 hectares of land for the project and the team has been working closely with the relevant city councils to study environmental, social, and economic measures of each municipality to minimize the impact on the  ecological, tourist, ethnographic, recreational, and social development in the region.

Hive Albamed accounts for nearly 100% of Spain’s current planned green hydrogen production by 2030. It will become a key milestone in the green hydrogen journey, strengthening Spanish leadership in the energy transition and the country’s objective of becoming an energy exporter through the first European green hydrogen corridor H2Med.


Estanislao Gonzalez-Valls

Albamed Project Director

José Mariá Gómez

Business Development Manager

Álvaro Aguado

Project Engineer

Cesar Amarillo

César Amarillo

Head of Permitting

What will the Albamed hydrogen project bring to Europe?

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