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Hive Energy Canada - Solar Power
Canada is committed to their transition to a low-emission economy.

The goal across the country is to reach 90% zero-emitting power sources by 2030. The goal is close for Canada, as they are already functioning on 80% non-emitting sources. As well as focusing on increasing renewable energy usage, Canada is reducing reliance on the coal industry altogether.

Canada is a leading country in renewable energy and is a world leader in hydroelectricity, with around 60% of its energy being generated from moving water. 

While hydroelectricity is valuable in Canada, it has been slow to adopt solar power. More than 25% of all Canada’s solar farms were installed in 2022, which demonstrates how quickly the country is ramping up its PV capacity in order to meet its 2030 goals. 

Hugh Brennan

Hugh Brennan

UK MD - Overseeing Canada