Packamama is protecting Mother Earth with its innovative, low emission wine bottles.

Packamama, previously known as Garçon Wines, is changing the way we enjoy wine!

Inspired by Pachamama, the earth goddess in Inca mythology, Packamama is on a mission to support in the fight against global warming by providing innovative, climate-friendly packaging for the drinks industry.

The company, based in the UK and Australia, is making an impact with its innovative bottle design and climate commitment. With the future of our planet in mind, Packamama has designed a new eco-friendly wine bottle that is made from 100% recycled PET. The bottles are not only made from recycled materials but are completely recyclable by design, a benchmark example for circular economy products.

On top of their sustainable material design, the bottles are uniquely designed flat, for which Packamama own a granted IP portfolio across 35 countries, in contrast to traditional round bottle designs. The flat bottles mean up to 91% more wine can fit on a pallet during transport and warehousing phases, cutting emissions along the supply chain.  

Hive partnered with Packamama in 2021.

The investment from our Hive Ventures team was in line with our commitment to supporting like-minded sustainable companies across the globe.

Packamama is making waves in the world of wine. The company is changing the most carbon intensive part of enjoying wine, the bottle. Packamama’s eco-flat bottles are the core offering with local production in both the UK and Australia. Each part of Packamama’s mindfully designed bottles cut back on carbon emissions.

1 The sleek bottle shape means that up to 91% more bottles can be included on each pallet for transportation. 

2 The material is not only lightweight but made from pre-existing PET, which means no new plastic is needed during production. 

3 Not only do the bottles look great and cut-back on transport emissions, but the bottles are fully recyclable.  

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