We’re developing a 165 MW solar pipeline in Nepal

Hive Energy - Solar pipeline Nepal

Hive Nepal

Hive is always on the lookout for new markets. We focus on developing but stable countries which, for whatever reason, haven’t yet deployed much Photovoltaics (PV) in their grid.

Nepal is a country that has been heavily reliant on hydroelectricity, which was historically a very stable source of power. But, now with climate changes associated with global warming Nepal is realising that its over dependence on a single source of power leaves it vulnerable, particularly in the dry season.

The renewable energy market in Nepal

The renewable energy market in Nepal currently consists of a lot of hydropower, but very little wind and PV deployment. Wind and solar contributed to a total of less than 20 MW for the whole country. Nepal’s grid is connected to India, so it can both sell and take power from India, but India faces its own generation challenges from time to time so Nepal can be quite vulnerable to power outages and wholesale energy price fluctuations, particularly in the dry season.

Hive’s clean energy pipeline

Hive’s pipeline in Nepal consists of six projects in a number of regions across the country. Site sizes range from 25 to 40 MW AC, with the combined total likely to approach 200 MW. The plan is to use single axis trackers and bi-facial modules on all sites due to the significant increase in annual output that such a system would generate in Nepal. 

All six sites now have their survey licences approved by the govt which is the first big step required ahead of our applying for a government PPA, as well as securing of the grid capacity, which has already been indicated as available at each site. Our target is to get the PDA/PPA’s signed by February 2023 and to construct and energise the sites during 2024/25.

If you’d like to find out more about Hive’s work in Nepal, contact Hugh Brennan, UK MD & Nepal Country Manager, using the button below: