Hive Energy Ltd. is expanding to Croatia with the appointment of Ivo Dubravcic, Croatia Country Manager

Hive Energy have introduced the new role to support the rapidly evolving company and recent international expansions into the clean energy market.

Ivo will be working alongside 10 other Country Managers at Hive Energy. The role is to bring photovoltaics, wind, and battery projects to Croatia, supporting the growth of renewable energy in the country. Ivo will be responsible for the development, acquisition, and disposal of green energy projects.

Hive is already functioning internationally, with staff operating from 21 countries across the globe; including recently added teams in Serbia, Canada, and New Zealand. Ivo will enhance the reach Hive Energy has across Europe and will help maintain Hive’s exceptional track record for delivering renewable energy projects. The new position will allow future collaboration and development in Croatia, allowing for Hive Energy to continue its growth in the renewable energy division.

Speaking on his recent appointment, Ivo said: “I am very pleased that Hive Energy has decided on Croatia as a new country of expansion in 2022. Croatia is a small country, with 1,000 islands and beautiful nature, and currently there is only around 100 MW of solar power plants. Hive shares the same renewable energy vision as the country leaders and I am looking forward to growing the share of PVs in Croatia significantly over the coming years.”

Giles Redpath, CEO of Hive Energy, commented on the growth of the company: “With the current climate crisis, it has never been so urgent to implement renewable energy and reduce our consumption of environmentally damaging fuels. Hive is rapidly growing and reaching new countries at a scale I wouldn’t have thought possible when the business began 12 years ago. Ivo will be an instrumental tool in connecting our global teams and projects to continue working on our pledge to help save the planet.”