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About Hive Carbon 

Hive Carbon is the owner and fabricator of the unique technology BioChar. BioChar converts woody biomass into high-grade carbon, biochar and activated charcoal.

This technology sequestrates carbon, which would otherwise be released into the atmosphere. The carbon is captured within the structures of the biochar and activated charcoal. Hive Carbon’s technology is a world first as the units activate the carbon in an oxygen-free environment, recycling the volatile gasses through the carbon bed, resulting in exceptionally low emissions with negligible Carbon Dioxide released through the process.

What makes this technology unique is that the units are robust and mobile. Because they are robust they can be deployed into areas with dense biomass clusters. One use of the technology is reducing the damaging Alien Invasive Vegetation that occurs throughout the world. With this innovative, and patented, technology there is now the potential for Hive Carbon to be one of the premier sustainable producers of carbon in the world – producing non-fossil fuel-based carbon for agriculture.

90% of the BioChar produced in Europe is used in livestock farming. Whether mixed with feed, added to litter or used in the treatment of slurry, the positive effect of biochar very quickly becomes apparent. The health, and consequently the well-being, of livestock has been proven to improve in just a short space of time when BioChar is introduced. The use of BioChar feed for animal health has been researched and recommended by German veterinarians since the beginning of the last century. Since 1915, research into activated biochar revealed its effect in reducing and adsorbing pathogenic clostridial toxins from Clostridium tetani and Clostridium botulinum.

Utilising invasive plant species 

In the process, the team are targeting invasive alien plant species.

Alien vegetation refers to plants that are not native in a country and have been brought in from another country. The Department of Environmental Affairs in South Africa describes invading alien plants as the biggest threat to plant and animal biodiversity. Annually invasive plants are causing billions of Rands of damage to South Africa’s economy. This is due to their negative impacts on water resources and biodiversity. 

Efforts are underway to clear this vegetation at great cost through the Working for Water (WfW) Programme. BioChar production could add value to this resource and recover some of the cost of clearing the vegetation.

Brad Kerr-Fox

Director Hive Carbon: Brad Kerr-Fox

Brad is the Director of Hive Carbon. He works in South Africa, leading our team in the creation and distribution of BioChar, our innovative and patented technology.

Japie Buckle

Director ECOSYSTEMS: Japie Buckle

Japie is the Director of Hive Ecosystems. His role is to utilise creative technologies to create sustainable solutions. He works closely with local property-owners to rewild land and create jobs.

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