Hive Carbon

Hive Carbon, based in South Africa, is the owner of unique technology which converts a woody biomass problem in South Africa into high grade biochar.

Hive Carbon is part of Hive Energy’s circular economy investment plan; the group aims to produce alternatives to existing products which are emission intensive. In the case of Hive Carbon, our team has found a way to utilise invasive plant species to create activated carbon, helping combat our carbon and climate crisis, de-toxify the environment, and heal our soil.

We convert waste wood into biochar. We harvest and chip invasive alien Black Wattle and put it through our gasification process in the patented Hive Carbon Biochar Unit. The end-product is milled to size for application as a loose product for compost or manure products or is applied directly onto soils as is. Our latest development is to consolidate all the “biochar carbon power” for soils into a biochar granule which is then blended with standard commercial fertilizers and applied to soils via conventional application methods. 

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