Europe’s sustainable future

Europe’s sustainable future

When we consider Europe’s sustainable future, what we really mean is crafting a path that will allow us to meet our needs without leaving a lasting impact on forthcoming generations.

At the moment we’re living outside of our means. We’re using dirty energy that’s causing excessive emissions – damaging our environment. Our agriculture and cultivating are causing severe deforestation across the globe. We’re also using too much – of everything! Fast fashion and plastic toys are all part of the problem.

How are we going to achieve a better future?

Fortunately, there are plans in place to curve the impact we’re having and help mould a more sustainable future for Europe, and the world. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was adopted by UN members in 2015 and sets the president for a better future. This agenda was then broken down to 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

These goals are specifically designed to improve the state of our planet and provide a better home for everyone on earth. The goals cover everything from water and energy to urbanization and transport. Across the 17 goals there are 169 underlying targets, with thousands of global events and even more actions supported by organisations and individuals across the world. 

This initiative is monitored and reported on each year with a global progress report. Each goal is updated in detail with statistics to reflect the improvement being made on a global scale.

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Hive’s sustainable mission

At Hive we are focusing on creating a cleaner future for our planet. We started in 2010 as a solar developer but our ambition has grown over the past 12 years. Not only do we have proven experience in solar energy development, but we are now working on green hydrogen and green ammonia projects across the globe. Our clean energy pipeline currently includes over 100 projects, with a total capacity of around 24 GW. But we’re not stopping there…

In our mission we are investing in the circular economy. Our Hive Ventures team secure investments in sustainable start-ups, with three secured businesses joining the Hive group in the past year. These investments solidify our commitment to a carbon-negative future, supporting businesses to create eco-friendly alternatives to carbon-intensive products.

Hive Aggregates is also part of the Hive group. The construction industry is incredibly unsustainable and damaging to our environment. Hive Aggregates aim to change this. We’re revolutionising how discarded materials are used including upcycling coal ash waste to create a carbon friendly cement substitute.

In South Africa we have the Hive Carbon team. Hive Carbon is the owner and fabricator of the unique technology BioChar. BioChar converts woody biomass into high-grade carbon, biochar and activated charcoal. This technology sequestrates carbon, which would otherwise be released into the atmosphere. The produce can be used in a variety of ways, including in livestock feed to boost health and reduce methane production.

Supporting our Hive Carbon team is Hive Ecosystems. Hive Ecosystems was established in 2021 and are in the process of beginning its 30-year strategy to restore depleted land. We’ll be reintroducing plants to over 7,000 hectares of thicket to improve the ecosystem and land, as well as sequestrating carbon.