Clean Futures & Renewable Energy

Our mission extends beyond solar.

At Hive Energy, we are using renewable energy to create transformational change in order to create a cleaner future for our planet.

We are using our experience and expertise to include energy storage solutions across our green energy portfolio. Since 2010 we have been expanding our technology focus from solar, and our team are now exploring new opportunities in battery storage, green hydrogen, green ammonia, and the circular economy.

Not only do we have renewable energy projects in development across the globe, but we have dedicated expert teams working on a variety of alternative sustainable technologies. Hive Ventures, Hive Aggregates, Hive Carbon and Hive Ecosystems are all part of the Hive Energy group. 

We want to create a better future. Moving away from fossil fuels will allow us to reduce carbon emissions but we must do more to save our planet. The circular economy is a positive move away from linear production, and allows us to make better use of the products and materials we already have, in a sustainable manner. Our circular economy teams are recycling waste materials, creating sustainable products, and restoring land to provide a greener future for all.