BambooLogic is an industrial scale bamboo plantation company, based in the Netherlands. 

BambooLogic is the first large-scale and industry-oriented bamboo plantation company in Europe. Currently, the company has around 150 hectares established in Southern Portugal to grow bamboo, which will then be sold as a low-footprint material for use across the textile, paper, construction, composite, and food sectors.

By planting bamboo, the company is removing a considerable amount of CO2 from the air, all while regenerating degraded land. It is believed that in 2030 one third of all European agricultural land will be degraded and thereful unusable for the cultivation of food crops. That land is mostly suitable for growing bamboo. Bamboo, a pesticide free crop, can help regenerate land, prevent erosion, extract toxic substances from the soil and keep water in the soil.

In addition to the production of affordable and sustainable bamboo, the company will be storing carbon in the soil on the farms which can then be assigned as carbon removal credits. Over the first 15 years of the project, BambooLogic plan to sequester 1,000,000 tonnes of CO2. 

BambooLogic is the fifth investment for the Hive Ventures team.

The partnership was announced in February 2023 when Hive acquired a 50% share of the company. BambooLogic is well aligned with Hive’s vision as the company has a low-carbon footprint, with low-waste production.

Hive’s investment will support BambooLogic’s business acceleration across Portugal and Europe, with plans to plant 2,000 hectares of bamboo over coming years. The Hive Ventures team is now working closely with BambooLogic to develop its growth plans and initiate planting. 

Hive Ventures will only invest in like-minded organisations that support our mission. BambooLogic will not only produce a sustainable material with a multitude of uses, but the carbon sequestration side of the business will further contribute to net-zero goals and carbon reduction. 

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