Humans of Hive – Hugh Brennan

Humans of Hive - Hugh Brennan

“I’ve always enjoyed, and been good, at managing development projects from a business standpoint. So, I started out in the US developing a chain of high-end restaurant/entertainment clubs. During one of our club openings in Seattle, I actually beat the women’s world champion at 9-ball – I’ll thank my time in America and misspent youth for that one.

“When telecoms started deregulating, I moved across to that sector and managed the rollout of new services in countries right across the globe. However, 16 years in the USA was long enough. I moved my family back to Ireland in the mid 2000s. Now they’re starting to sprout wings of their own and I love seeing them looking to live international lives and experience various cultures, which is what I enjoy.

“I’d known Giles, Hive’s CEO, both personally and professionally for a long time. We’d both spent a lot of time in Telecoms. The renewable energy sector was born from a kind of ‘deregulation’ of the energy sector, and it seemed a very exciting and dynamic area to get involved in.

“My journey with Hive began on July 1st, 2013. Initially my role was to manage the 20 sites Hive had in various stages of planning. Over time, that developed into the role of UK Managing Director. But now I’m also working on PV projects internationally and other low carbon areas of the business, such as Hive Aggregates with our Project Director, Jake.

“At Hive, you really feel your job is making a long-term difference. To the health of the planet, as well as helping reduce the cost of energy. I’m delighted to have been here to witness and be part of the growth of Hive from its early days. And I truly feel we’re still at the beginning of the Hive development journey.

Hugh Brennan – UK Managing Director