Hive was honoured to be involved in President Cyril Ramaphosa’s visit to the UK during November

This month we were given the fantastic opportunity to present our portfolio of sustainable businesses, together with the Coega Green Ammonia Project, to the President of South Africa, President Cyril Ramaphosa.

The State Visit, hosted for the President during November 2022, was the first invitation made by His Majesty King Charles III. During Ramaphosa’s three day stay with the Royal family, he attended an event focusing on UK and South African trade where Hive was one of only 10 UK selected companies Showcased at the historical event

The event, hosted at Lancaster House, close to Buckingham Palace, was an opportunity for our CEO, Giles Redpath, and Hive Hydrogen South African General Manager, Colin Loubser, to talk to the President about our carbon-saving work across the globe. During the event we showcased a video highlighting the important work that supports our mission to save the planet – you can watch the video below.

As well as exhibiting during the event, our CEO, Giles Redpath, was one of a small group of top UK businessmen that was invited to the State dinner at Guildhall hosted by Lord Mayor of the City of London. A select number of VIP invitees were at the event, and it was a special opportunity for Giles to share our mission for a greener future.

Hive’s work in South Africa

Hive has been active in South Africa since Colin joined the team in 2015 as Director of Middle East, Africa, and Indian Oceans. We now have a growing team in South Africa, including teams specifically supporting our renewable energy mission, green hydrogen, as well as circular economy projects.

The Hive Ecosystems team is based in South Africa and is in the process of restoring 18,000 acres of degraded farmland . The land was previously used for livestock and was severely overgrazed, causing damage to much of the vegetation and to the soil. The team will be planting over 7 million spekboom plants across the farm in order to restore and revitalise the land, improve soil condition and sequester thousands of tons of carbon every year.

Hive Carbon is another circular economy focused team we have in South Africa. Hive Carbon operates its patented reactors to produce Biochar and Activated Carbon from alien invasive vegetation. The products have a variety of uses ranging from water filtration and purification to fertiliser enhancement and soil carbon remediation. As well as the benefits from the Biochar and Activated Carbon, the process removes invasive plant species in a method that does not generate harmful greenhouse gases – unlike the alternative of burning the biomass.

We are also working on a pipeline of solar energy projects across Africa. There is a 10 MW solar project in South Africa, three 65 MW projects in Zambia, and two 30 MW projects in Mozambique.

Coega – One of the World’s largest green ammonia plants

South Africa is also home to our flagship green ammonia project, Coega, located in Port Elizabeth. Hive Hydrogen South Africa is leading the project in partnership with Built Africa. We officially launched the project in 2021 and when complete, it will be one of the largest green ammonia plants in the world and have the largest solar PV park in South Africa.