The Greek photovoltaic market & SolarPlaza Summit in Athens

The Greek photovoltaic market & SolarPlaza Summit in Athens

This month our Greek Country Manager, Costas Caralis, took part in the SolarPlaza Summit Investor Roundtable. The event is an international forum for PV investors, helping to bring together those in the solar sector to understand challenges and build solutions.

The focus of Costas’ roundtable was to recognise the hurdles in Greece’s investment climate. Costas explained the challenges in securing the land while the country is in a transition phase from land register to cadaster and stressed the need for a legal framework on Green Hydrogen and Green Ammonia.

The Greek PV market

Greece added over 800 MW of solar projects in 2021 alone and expects to surpass a total of 6 GW of installed PV capacity by the end of 2022. Part of the positive moves in the country are relevant to the EC-approved scheme, which is funding €2 billion of renewable energy production. The progression aligns with the Government targets for 2030, which set ambitious goals of 28 GW capacity for RES, out of which the majority refers to solar installations (the additional solar projects are estimated to 18 GW).

The major concerns are over the grid congestion issues, project permits, and supply chains. These issues were all covered during the summit earlier in the month.

Hive’s Greek portfolio

Hive has been in the Greek clean energy market since 2021. Greece was a new market for us but with the help of Country Manager, Costas, we have been able to develop a strong pipeline in the country.

Not only are we working on solar projects, but we have recently been granted the title of ‘Emblematic Investment of Significant Importance’ for our upcoming project combining Solar, storage and green. In total, our Greek pipeline is just over 600 MW, made up of five large-scale projects.

BlueSky300 is located in Vouzi Mantasia and is comprised of three projects – a 200 MW solar park, a 100 MW solar park, and a 50 MW green hydrogen project. Land is fully secured for all three phases of this project, and we anticipate additional confirmation for grid permits in early 2023.

Consortium is made up of four solar parks in Domokos and Lamia at 200 MW and 67 MW. The Consortium project already has land and grid fully secured and 140 MW out of the 267 MW have already obtained Installation license which makes them RTB (Ready to Build). Installation licenses for the balance portfolio are expected to be issued by year end, thus making Consortium one of the most matured projects in the Greek PV market.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Greek projects or the Greek clean energy market, get in touch with Costas today using the button below.