Hive Aggregates

The global building products industry is resource and carbon intensive.  It is estimated that if the cement industry alone were a country, it would be the third largest carbon emitter in the world, behind only China and the US.

At Hive Aggregates, we believe that part of the solution is to use industrial by-products and waste to create sustainable building products that reduce the need for carbon intensive practices, such as the production of Portland Cement, and reduce the reliance on natural resources.

We have recently secured landfill deposits of pulverised fuel ash waste from coal-fired power stations, and it is proposed to extract the material and process it into a sustainable cement substitute.  This would realise numerous benefits, including recycling, reducing the use of natural resources and carbon savings of up to 800 kilograms per tonne of ash used.

The challenge and opportunity is massive, with the reduction of carbon in this sector forming a central part in realising a cleaner future.

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