Humans of Hive – Costas Caralis

Humans of Hive - Costas

“I was born and live in Athens. Athens is a city where you can live for years and still constantly find new things to see and do. It’s a city where you will never be bored.

“In the early nineties I studied Mineral Resources Engineering and gained my Master’s degree in the Evaluation of Industrial Investments. I went on to study for another Master’s in Business Administration. In 2000 I started my career with SGS as a Division Manager and had the luck to be mentored and influenced under the leadership style of Sergio Marchionne, who was at that time CEO.

“Then, for a short time, I moved to the mining industry. During my time as Mineral Resources Engineer I experienced the devastating impact of fossil fuels on the environment. I was working as a Commercial Director for a multinational mining company in 2007 when I received an offer from a German solar company to join its new Greek start-up. I was excited about the prospect of bettering the environment, so in 2008 I finally made the life changing move to solar.

“Teamwork is so important to me, and I have been honoured throughout my career by being part of many captivating teams. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to see all my team members progress to leading positions in the local renewables market. And, through my team I found my next love, sailing.

“I joined Hive as Country Manager of Greece in February 2021 and we immediately started developing an innovative plan to make an impact in the Greek market. Applications for production licenses were far beyond what the infrastructure could support, but there have been big changes in the country. In recent months one of our projects was granted the title of ‘Investment of Exceptional Importance’ by the Interministerial Committee. The project will consist of a large-scale solar and green hydrogen plant based in Domokos. It’s the first project of its kind in Greece and I am proud to be leading such a project.

“Hive is truly pioneering in the renewable space. It’s the entrepreneurial spirit. You are given the responsibility to make the tough calls. The management style involves handling and problem solving on the spot, which I love. The whole team shares a common vision and desire for performance, that is what makes us different from our peers.”

Costas Caralis – Country Manager Greece