Green Energy Case Studies

Hive’s Green Energy Case Studies

At Hive, we have completed over 40 renewable energy projects. We have functioning solar parks across the world. On this page, you’ll find some of our top green energy case studies. 

Hive Energy was started by Giles Redpath in 2011 to supply green energy to the UK. Since then, we have been growing, learning, and developing a stream of new and innovative technologies to help fight climate change. Solar power is a fantastic resource that will allow us to power the planet. Using energy from the sun will allow us to significantly reduce our reliance on other resources which cause significant damage to the planet. Our mission is to harvest the power of the sun to save our planet. Across the world, we are using too much energy from fossil fuels. 

Our Country Managers are working across the globe to plan and develop solar energy parks to improve the accessibility of renewable energy. The green energy case studies below are some of our most successful completed projects. 

Cleve Hill - Hive Energy Solar Farm