Progress on Italian solar and green hydrogen projects

Progress on Italian solar and green hydrogen projects

Our Italian pipeline has grown substantially in the past two years we have been active in the country. We now have a pipeline of almost 1 GW (976 MW) over 30 projects. Not only are we working on a variety of solar technologies, but we are expanding our renewable energy reach to green hydrogen development in the country, becoming a leader in the upcoming ‘hydrogen valley’ within the North of Italy. 

Solar projects

Our projects are across the whole of Italy, and we have recently progressed a substantial number of sites. There is also a recent update in renewable energy with a new decree introduced in recent months that could benefit some of our industrial sites as Ready-to-Build times may be reduced.

  • First, we have a small-scale (<10 MW) site in the North that has recently been granted permits for evacuation line. The project will reach RTB status later this year. 
  • Also in the North, we have another small-scale site that has recently approached the final step in the process and is now under the appealing status. We are confident that this site will reach RTB status by Autumn this year. 
  • We also have a rooftop project, which will be one of the largest in Italy once complete, that is processing smoothly. We have just launched two separate connections for this project, one to feed into local buildings for business consumption and the other will potentially go to a data centre. 
  • In earlier stages, we have secured land for four small sites (between 5-10 MW) and we are now in the process of securing grid connection. Two of these sites are private wire domains within an industrial site, this will massively support an already overloaded grid in the area. The other two will be local community support for a hospital, and one for the construction industry. Both later sites are not private wire and have good project characteristics and regular land size, both positive attributes for site investors. 

Green hydrogen

As well as our large portfolio of solar projects in the country, we are closing phase one for our first green hydrogen development in Italy. This project will be part of the first ‘Hydrogen Valley’ in the country. We are thrilled to be part of the next generation of clean energy assets within the country and we are partnering with a fantastic leader of the industry on this project. 

For more information about our Italian projects, please contact our Country Manager, Stefano Salerno, using the button below.