Humans of Hive – David Robinson

Humans of Hive – David Robinson

I joined Hive in 2021 as part of the Hive Ventures team. Soon after, Hive expanded its interests into the new world of Green Hydrogen and Ammonia. The newly created Hydrogen team was looking for some assistance and realising the potential and colossal scale of some of Hive’s intended projects, I quickly moved across. I now perform Hive’s internal Techno-Economic modelling for Green Hydrogen and Ammonia projects and assist in any technical issues that come up during the development of these projects.

I’m originally from Staines, in the outskirts of London. I did my school years there, and then it was off to Nottingham to study Mechanical Engineering at University. It was here I discovered how much I care about creating something new, rather than just repeating the old and copying what’s already exists. This led me to my ‘Industrial Year’, working in SKF Clevedon’s Research and Development department, designing the next generation of condition monitored Plain Spherical Bearings for helicopters and planes.

Humans of Hive - David Robinson - Dinner under Concorde at SKF

Dinner under Concorde at SKF

After university I took a short break from studies, but the theme continued. I spent time building my own custom electric bike from a vintage Raleigh Shopper, which allowed me to commute to town and my local Hockey Club without needing a car.

Humans of Hive - David Robinson -Electric bike conversion of Raleigh Shopper, top speed of 30mph

Electric bike conversion of Raleigh Shopper, top speed of 30mph

Then I found Hive Ventures, who fit the theme perfectly, since every investment leads to the creation of something new. Moving over to Green Hydrogen was no different; working to create something new by being one of the first to produce Green Hydrogen and Ammonia at scales large enough to make a real, significant dent in global CO2 emissions from some of the hardest to abate sectors.

Starting at Hive also gave me the opportunity to move up North to Liverpool, and I can honestly say it is the friendliest place I’ve ever lived.  Having neighbours that actually talk to each other is truly a revelation compared to living in London.

Nevertheless, even when working full time, I still love to have my own projects going on, which is something I believe I get from my parents, who never let a moment of time be wasted.  For example, in my first year at Hive, after some discussion, I decided to build a Caterham Seven 420 Kit car for my dad, which is now road legal.  It makes for great countryside trips (on the few days of good weather the UK gets).

Humans of Hive - David Robinson -Build Start 

Build Start 

Humans of Hive - David Robinson -Build finished and road legal

Build finished and road legal

In my second year at Hive, and thanks to the North’s fantastically low house prices, I decided to push myself further and renovate a 2-bed house. The real challenge being to not employ a single tradesman (well, except for the fixing the roof). Over a year later, to the present day, it’s still a work in progress, but my motivation remains the same.  I’m not one for giving up.

So, right now, I’m developing Green Hydrogen by day, then renovating houses by night, but always with the aim of creating something new.

Humans of Hive - David Robinson -Rediscovered 1911 fireplace

Rediscovered 1911 fireplace

David Robinson: Hive Hydrogen – Commercial Manager