Hive’s renewable energy future in Türkiye

Hive’s renewable energy future in Türkiye

Hive began its activities in Türkiye at the end of 2015, only a short while after the company began in 2010. One of our first international projects was the Adiyaman PV Solar Park. The site is 10.5 MW and was commissioned in April 2018, we then operated the project until April 2021. The park supplies enough power to run around 1,300 homes each year, saving the equivalent of 10,800 tonnes of CO2.

Renewable energy in Türkiye

The renewable energy market of Türkiye is one of the most dynamic markets across the world. Türkiye’s parliament ratified the Paris Climate Agreement on 6th October 2021. The Paris Agreement is a legally binding international pledge focusing on resolutions to climate change. The aim of the agreement is to instigate change on a global scale in order to limit global warming to 1.5°C compared to pre-industrial levels.

Türkiye has strong goals to reduce its emission increase over 20% by 2030. With all these changes in the clean energy sector, the country announced new action plans to increase the development of renewable energy sources, of which, solar and wind will play a critical role to reach targets.

Hive’s renewable energy projects in Türkiye

Currently, we are developing BOT-type PV solar projects in Türkiye. The total capacity of the projects is under negotiation, but we anticipate the final figure to sit around 100 MWs. Additionally, we are identifying the most favourable locations to develop green hydrogen projects in Türkiye. The total capacity envisaged for H2 projects in the country is over 1 GW – including electrolyser, solar and wind. Movement into the green hydrogen sector in Türkiye is new for Hive, but we are expanding on our existing hydrogen pipeline across the globe, which is already developing exceptionally well. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about our solar, wind, or green hydrogen projects in Türkiye, please contact our Country Manager, Tolga, using the button below.