Our French solar activities are making major strides

Our French solar activities are making major strides

Hive only began its journey in France in 2022 with the appointment of new Country Manager, Thomas Quillasi. 

Thomas’ role is to manage proposals, prospecting, and development of green projects across the country. His focus is to develop opportunities within the solar and hydrogen markets.

Progress on the pipeline, partners & co-development 

Thomas’ hard work has paid off as we have now secured land for one of our first internal projects in the country. The project is located near Marseille city – on the Southeast coast. The project is to be developed across 21 hectares and once complete will boast 14.3 MW capacity. We have signed the land lease option and we are now working on the EIA and development. 

As well as this project, we have further projects in our French pipeline. The projects amount to 150 MW capacity but are currently at very early stages. We will update you on those projects in coming months as they progress.

Simultaneously, two partnerships have been established in order to develop a strong pipeline of solar projects in the country. The flexibility, reactivity and experience from Hive fit perfectly with these local developers. 

To accelerate this development on the French market, Hive is continuously looking for external partners and co developers. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our country manager, Thomas Quillasi, on LinkedIn or using the button below if you are interested. 

France adopted a bill to accelerate the development of renewable energy 

On January 24, 2023, nearly three months after the start of its examination, an agreement was reached between the Senate and the National Assembly on the renewable energy production acceleration law.

In a troubled geopolitical and energy context, this agreement will make it possible to deploy the essential energies more quickly to support the preservation of France’s sovereignty and the achievement of its climate objectives. The text resulting from the negotiations confirms the main contributions of the Senate, adopted in November 2022, by an almost unanimous vote of the Upper House.

The Renewable Energies Syndicate (SER) welcomes the political progress represented by the agreement reached on a text of law which, for the first time, is dedicated exclusively to renewable energies. This agreement demonstrates the will of parliamentarians to accelerate the development of these energies in France.