Humans of Hive – Jake Barnes-Gott

Humans of Hive – Jake Barnes-Gott

“I lead the Hive Aggregates business, where our current focus is on developing a cement replacement product from waste coal ash, known as ‘fly ash’.

“Originally from rural North Yorkshire, I played a lot of football growing up and was actually scouted to play for the country side at the tender age of 16, where my football career abruptly peaked as I quickly realised there were many far more serious and better players! I still play football, albeit at a more casual level, and also enjoy running – where I’ve also had some success, including once finishing the Blackpool Half Marathon in 1hr 14, which automatically qualified me for the London Marathon as a Championship runner.

 “The lights of the big city eventually beckoned, and I ended up in London, where I worked in planning and development consultancy for over a decade. In 2012 I began supporting a number of emerging renewable energy companies in their efforts to develop solar farms, including a certain Hive Energy. I met Giles, our CEO, at this time and went on to work closely with Hugh Brennan.

 “Hugh and I remained friends after working together for a number of years and regularly met at some of London’s finest cocktail venues to discuss life and business, where one fateful night we bonded over our shared love of sustainable building products, including the possibility of using fly ash as a low carbon cement replacement.

“The rest is history. I have led the Hive Aggregates business since its inception in 2020, and after a busy couple of years we will soon be submitting planning for our first major project; a 7 million tonne landfill extraction and processing project in Nottinghamshire UK. The process has required close working relationships with multiple landowners, local stakeholders, and a team of consultants to piece together a compelling development project. The first in a pipeline of UK and International projects.

“The dynamic nature of Hive has enabled me to pursue our shared business goals and I am genuinely excited to see what the future holds for us.”

Jake Barnes-Gott: Director – Hive Aggregates