We have met official deadlines for Environmental Approval on four Spanish projects

We have met official deadlines for Environmental Approval on four Spanish projects

We are delighted to announce that we have received environmental approval on four of our Spanish solar projects.

The team in Spain has been working hard to ensure we meet fixed deadlines for our solar development progression. Fortunately, four of Hive’s photovoltaic projects were able to obtain relevant permits within the timeframe.

Project deadlines 

The Royal Decree RDL 23/2020 in Spain requires certain development milestones to be met according to nominated timelines, in reference to interconnection grants of solar projects. 

In the country, a vast number of solar projects were grouped together with the deadline of January 25, 2023. By this date, the projects must have obtained their environmental approvals. If approvals were not met in time, the projects were subject to having their interconnection points revoked, and related bonds executed. 

The approved solar projects 

Four of our projects were subject to the January timeframes – Beneixama (53.8 MW), La Florida Hive (30 MW), Humilladero Hive (4.5 MW), and Magasquilla Hive (4.5 MW). Fortunately, all these projects secured the environmental approvals on time. 

The next step for the projects is to obtain the Preliminary Administrative Authorization, which must be completed by April 25, 2023, according to the RDL. Following the successful authorisations, the team will need to then meet a further deadline in July, with two additional steps in the process to follow. 

Hive’s solar pipeline in Spain

These four projects are part of a much larger photovoltaic pipeline in Spain. Overall, we have 13 solar projects, equating to 388 MW capacity. Seven of these projects, including the four mentioned above, already have land and grid secured, with final permits being secured throughout 2023/24. 

Spain is our second most successful country for solar development, following only the UK. To date, we have 16 completed (or sold) projects in the country, with an overall capacity of 1,144 MW. 

In addition to our solar projects in Spain, we have a significant hydrogen and ammonia pipeline. Across the country we have plans for 14 green hydrogen/ammonia developments, totalling almost 8.5 GW capacity.