Humans of Hive – Cristina Keller

Humans of Hive - Cristina Keller

“I moved to Alicante almost 20 years ago. The official reason was starting my Tourism Degree, but the real motivation was to challenge myself while living on my own. Several trips abroad during my adolescence made me realise how big the world was. I wanted to explore it, and Alicante was not a bad place to start! Who would have thought it would captivate me so much… After uni I lived in different cities, all of which gave me the opportunity to develop my job skills, but finally decided to move back to where it all began.

“It goes without saying that weather is one of Alicante’s greatest advantages. I’m originally from the Basque Country, so I really appreciate this aspect. Our office is located close to the beach, so on my way to work each day I get to see the sun rising over the sea. Is there a better way to begin the day?

“Four years ago, I came across some unexpected information which led to me stepping into a vegan lifestyle. For me it was not much of a decision but a conscience need. I suddenly started challenging my daily habits and trying to find out more sustainable ways that could help reduce the impact I was causing. As tough as it was facing the reality, it also was revealing. I like to think even the smallest actions can make a difference, so that’s when I focused on searching for my own place in this sector.

“I’ve been working in Hive for two years now. My main duties are assisting our Spanish General Manager and ensuring the smooth running of the office in Alicante. I also try to make sure everyone has a great day in the office. Even though that was not specifically requested in the interview, it’s always a good extra!

“Everyone working in Hive is so genuinely motivated that it’s difficult not to get caught up by that feeling. I consider myself very lucky to work in a company aligned with my values. None of my past jobs gave me the sense of contributing to something bigger, or helping to make the world a better place to live in.”

Cristina Keller – PA to Spanish Country Manager