My DD Points reach sign up milestone with 1,060 stores registered

My DD Points reach sign up milestone with 1,060 stores registered

MyDDpoints is part of the Hive Group. The company is the UK’s fastest growing digital loyalty programme, meaning shoppers get rewarded with deals and discounts from their local shops and restaurants. 

At Hive, we only invest in companies who align with our mission to create a more sustainable future. MyDDpoints encourages people to shop at their local, independently owned stores, as opposed to large-scale supermarkets. Shopping locally is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint and support local business owners. 

My DD Points reaches 1,060 registrations

The MyDDpoints team has just reached a significant milestone, with 1,060 stores signed up to the platform. Currently the app is only in use across the UK and has more than 100,000 individual app users, and over 500,000 card users. 

In line with their recent milestone accomplishment, the company aims to reach 2,000 stores by the end of 2023. 

How My DD Points promotes sustainability

As mentioned, Hive only works with companies that are committed to creating a better future for our planet. MyDDpoints encourages people not only to shop locally, which benefits independent shop owners, but also, to cut down on significant emissions created by large superstores. 

MyDD customers use a geo-based app to get to know the promotions around their local area, supporting the ability to shop smarter. By shopping locally, consumers do not have to travel around without knowing product availability, further reducing carbon emissions.

MyDDextra also allows the wholesaler to calculate the best delivery routes through a Drive to Deliver app. The app calculates the shortest routes for their deliveries to save carbon emissions and allows the driver to check the vehicle conditions before taking the vehicle at the start of the day.

How it works

MyDDpoints mobile application allows local businesses to register all their customers at first usage. With only a name and a valid mobile number to register on the app, the data collection is not invasive for shoppers. The registration process is validated by a one-time password. Many companies utilise an initial ‘Sign-Up Deal’ feature, which encourages more shoppers to sign up with MyDDpoints – a common deal offered to consumers is 10% off for first purchase. 

In another benefit for shops subscribing to MyDDpoints, the team manages all the social media activities of the local shops. This added benefit is in place to support local awareness and to promote upcoming app offers. 

One of the biggest benefits for shops is the ability to analyse user behaviour to understand buyer behaviour, such as:

o    Most visited customers

o    Least visited customers

o    Highest spenders

o    Lowest spenders

o    Missing customers (those who have not visited a store in a given period)

With the analytics and information available to the shops, MyDDpoints encourages local community businesses to be competitive in their industry. Simultaneously, they can make digital orders for purchasing goods from wholesalers with their digital product portfolio with fewer errors. Therefore, their supply chain management can be effective with instant communication with digital confirmations that leads to less return of goods.