Progress for Greek Consortium projects

Progress for Greek Consortium projects

Hive has been working in Greece since 2021 and we are pleased to share that Country Manager, Costas Caralis, is successfully progressing our solar energy projects. We’ve recently obtained Installation Licenses for multiple sites across our Consortium projects.

Consortium project progress

The Consortium project is located in Domokos, Greece, and consists of four clusters – 40 MW, 100 MW, 60 MW, and 67 MW capacity solar farms. The Installation Licenses we have been granted cover three of the four sites, which means we are now able to initiate construction. In the meantime, we are proceeding with the Installation License for the final 67 MW cluster. As well as the final site license, we are focusing on obtaining the required connection services agreement across the sites.

Further projects in Greece

The Consortium projects are now considered Ready to Build but they are only part of our pipeline in Greece. We have a further three projects labelled BlueSky300. The BlueSky300 projects are located in Vouzi Mantasia. The development combines solar and green hydrogen technology with a total solar capacity of 300 MW and an additional 50 MW green hydrogen capacity. Only a few months ago we were granted the title of ‘Emblematic Investment of Significant Importance’ for the BlueSky300 project, which is a fantastic achievement in the Greek renewable market.

To find out more about investment opportunities for our Greek portfolio, get in touch with our Country Manager using the button below.