Hive Energy Has Been Granted the Title of ‘Investment of Exceptional Importance’ For Its 200 MW Solar Power and Green Hydrogen Site in Greece

Hive Energy Has Been Granted the Title of ‘Investment of Exceptional Importance’

Hive Energy [Hive], headquartered in the UK, has been granted approval on plans for a 200 MW photovoltaic 100 MW li-ion storage and green hydrogen farm in Domokos, Greece. The investment was approved by the Interministerial Committee on Thursday 15 September 2022. The project, named Bluesky300, has been categorised as an emblematic investment of exceptional importance.

The site will include a 200 MW solar plant and 100 MW capacity of lithium-ion battery storage. In addition to the solar and battery aspects of the site, there will be an additional facility for green hydrogen development which, once functioning, will have the capacity to produce up to 16 tonnes of green hydrogen every day. Green hydrogen produced by Hive’s Greek projects will supply regional bus fleets, with the goal to supply the maritime industry in the future.

The project is currently in the process of securing grid for one section of the site. The additional elements of the development are fully secured, with expectations that the ‘ready to build’ status will be reached in 2023. Hive will benefit from the project being granted the investment of exceptional importance as there will be a fast track granted for permits.

Across Greece, Hive has an overall clean energy pipeline of over 600 MW capacity, focusing on solar power and green hydrogen production. The company is also investigating wind power opportunities in the country. The Greek pipeline is part of Hive’s 23 GW global clean energy pipeline, which covers Africa, Latin America, Canada, Europe, and New Zealand.

Greek Country Manager, Costas Caralis, has been working on this pipeline since 2021 and commented on the project: “This is the first project of its kind in Greece, combining solar storage and green hydrogen technologies, and we feel proud to be pioneers in the market. The Greek government is focused on achieving the revised National Energy and Climate Plan which will have many benefits. The ambitious targets are attracting foreign investments, enhancing the national objectives, and creating a greater mix of renewable energy sources; strengthening the competitiveness of the Greek economy.”

Hive Energy CEO, Giles Redpath, commented on Hive’s development in Greece: “I am pleased to be in such a positive position with our Greek renewable energy pipeline. Greece is the perfect country for Hive to develop its green hydrogen production due to the dynamic investment market. Greece is on a positive path with clean energy adoption, and I am proud that Hive will be part of the growth in the country. Having our project acknowledged as an investment of exceptional importance demonstrates the country’s commitment to a cleaner future.”