What is a ‘circular economy’?

What is a 'circular economy'?

Here at Hive we are investing in the circular economy. As well as our work with renewable energy, we are working across the globe on a variety of sustainable projects to create a greener future. 

It has been widely acknowledged that we need to find more sustainable methods of living, and we need to utilise what we have instead of creating more waste. With many opportunities for growth in the marketplace, it all comes back to the circular economy.

So, what is a circular economy? 

We’ve mentioned ‘circular economy’ a few times already in this blog. To understand why the circular economy is so important for the future of our planet, we first need to understand what it really means. 

A circular economy revolves around a principle of reusing, repairing, and recycling what we already have. The goal is to create alternatives to products we are already using, but with far lower carbon emissions and waste. 

The alternative is a linear economy which essentially collects materials and transforms them into a product, which are usually quickly disposed of. Circular economy is different as waste is often used in production and products are designed to be recycled and reused, elongating product life, and reducing the impact on the planet. 

Hive’s investment in sustainable solutions 

At Hive we are working on circular economy investments around the world. We know the adoption of green energy is vital to save the planet, but we’re also very mindful of reducing waste where possible. As such, we have four of our very own teams working on circular economy projects. 

Hive Ventures: The Hive Ventures team is based in Liverpool, UK. The team is made up of three Research Managers and our Director of Circular Economy. Their role is to scout out new and innovative start-up businesses who align with our ideologies. 

So far, the team has onboarded three companies to the Hive Group. DBG Bioenergy, CuanTec, and Nafici Environmental Research. All three companies support our mission to create cost-effective solutions that support climate change mitigation. The team are actively on the lookout for new green investments globally. 

Hive Aggregates: Hive Aggregates is also based in the UK but focuses specifically on the recycling of waste pulverised fuel ash. Since the construction industry is horrifically damaging to our environment, the Hive Aggregates team is working on a low-emission alternative to cement, using landfill waste from power stations. 

Hive Carbon: The Hive Carbon team is based in South Africa. The team operates with patented reactors to produce Biochar and activated carbon. The team uses invasive alien species to create the sustainable products – the plants would otherwise be burned, contributing to global warming. 

Hive Ecosystems: Also located in South Africa, the Hive Ecosystems team is focusing on carbon sequestration. We’ve secured degraded land in the Albany Thicket that we plan to restore and plant for future carbon sequestration. The land was previously used for livestock, which overgrazed and destroyed the natural biodiversity. Hive Ecosystems are in the process of planting around 7million spekboom plants on the land. This will create local jobs, restore the land quality, and capture carbon.