What does a green future look like?

What does a green future look like?

Our mission is to create a greener future for our planet. We want to support the global adoption of renewable energy, and the growth of the circular economy. Everyone wants to have a clean and safe future, but what can we hypothetically expect from a green future? 

Renewably powered

Hive’s mission began with solar. And we still stand by that. We believe that using the natural resources we have available is the way we should be powering the planet. With governments across the globe setting vast targets to meet net zero, the pressure is on to speed up the adoption of renewable energy. In 2022 we are producing around 20% of our global power from renewable sources, the expectation is that by 2050 we will be using renewables for around 85% of all electricity generation. 

Experience above consumerism 

Reducing waste is key to creating a thriving circular economy. With fast fashion and food waste causing considerable damage to our environment, it’s likely that people will turn their finances to entertainment instead. This is already becoming a reality in a lot of areas, with shopping centres and high streets devoting more money and space to the entertainment sector. 

Less greenwashing and more green

Both businesses and individuals will have to make meaningful changes. At the moment, we are frequently seeing businesses using greenwashing as a tactic to appear environmentally friendly, without doing the work. A green future would negate the corporate greenwashing we see and will see companies adopting a truly sustainable outlook. 

Improved biodiversity 

There has been significant damage done to our planet as a repercussion of global warming – from ice caps melting to deforestation in the Amazon. A green future will most likely see a wide adoption of backyard conservation and improved environments. You can already see progression in upcoming architecture being focused on a balance with nature – including rooftop gardens and ingrained green areas.