Hive Ventures welcome a new Research Manager

HIVE VENTURES - Circular economy investment

This month the Hive Ventures team welcomed a new member. Cona Somma has joined the team as a Research Manager, he will be working alongside our Director of Circular Economy (Rupert) and two additional Research Managers (Clara and Mariam).

Cona’s role at Hive

Cona is joining Hive with extensive skills and experience that will support our work with circular economy investments. Cona has a First-class degree in Marine Biology and has just finished an MSc in Marine Environmental Management, aligning him perfectly with Hive’s exploration into Blue Carbon marine conservation and sustainability. 

Cona will be supporting the Hive Ventures team to investigate marine based circular economy businesses, which themselves will sequester carbon to remove large amounts of Co2 from the atmosphere. His ambition is to be part of a company actively making a change in order to reduce carbon emissions, which is how he landed at Hive. 

Welcome to the team! 

Hive’s Research Managers

Hive Ventures manage our circular economy investments across the globe. So far, the team has helped us join forces with DBG, Nafici Environmental Research, and CuanTec. All three companies share our mission to create a cleaner future for our planet. They’re utilising waste products to create sustainable alternatives to high-emissions products – including EcoPulp, packaging, and biomass. 

We now have three Research Managers in the team, all of which will be working closely with our group companies. The team are based in Liverpool but work with companies across the globe, including the UK and the Netherlands. Their role is to explore investment opportunities for sustainable start-ups and help grow successful brands to create revolutionary products. 

Circular Economy

The Hive Group is much more than just solar. Even though our journey began with solar development in 2010, since then we have been growing our experience in circular economy investment. 

The Hive Ventures team have been working on investments since early 2021 and have so far built some fantastic connections. As well as Hive Ventures, the Hive Aggregates team are working on creating sustainable building products by utilising waste material. In South Africa we have two additional teams, Hive Carbon and Hive Ecosystems, both supporting our vision for a sustainable future. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Hive Ventures, or you have a business plan that may align with the team, you can email us by using the button below.