Dr Derek Askew has been appointed as Managing Director of Hive Carbon

Dr Derek Askew has been appointed as Managing Director of Hive Carbon

We have appointed Dr Derek Askew as Managing Director for Hive Carbon, located in South Africa.


Hive Carbon manufactures patented Mobile Biochar Units (MBU’s) and produces biochar and activated carbon for various industries. Use of our MBU allows an agricultural industry to utilize and convert waste material to biochar, apply the finished product on their farms or in their industries and upon certification – accumulate and sell the relevant carbon credits.

Hive Carbon is part of our circular economy investment plan; the wider Hive group aims to produce alternatives to existing products which are emission intensive. In the case of Hive Carbon, the team are utilising invasive plant species to create biochar and activated carbon. Hive Carbon uses its carbon neutral patented technology to cost effectively convert waste woody biomass into biochar, which sequesters the carbon in the biochar. This biochar is then applied back into the soil in various forms with well-established benefits to soils and crop production. A circular economy is by nature an economy, so we link our biochar with increased crop and soil improvement and financial reward. As well as the biochar and activated carbon, the team are sequestering carbon in the process, which is a valuable segment in our long-term company plan. 

About Dr Derek Askew

Derek has a substantial background in agriculture, sales, and management, with over 20 years working in the commercial sector. As Managing Director of Hive Carbon, Derek will be responsible for the manufacture and sale of MBU’s, biochar into agriculture, activated carbons into the water and mining industries and certify our own biochar production for carbon credit trading.

Dr Derek Askew, Managing Director – Hive Carbon, commented on his new role: “What an absolute pleasure to be working in a large group combining the best aspects of hard-core business and working with people in green economies.”