Progress in Spain! Updates to five renewable energy projects

Progress on five green energy projects in Spain

Over the past quarter the Hive Spain team has made great progress on multiple renewable energy projects. The Spanish group is currently made up of 12 team members, including the Country Manager, five Business Development Managers, a Design Engineer, Operations Director, and more.


On the construction side, there has been continued progress in the following locations: Olmedilla, Sabinar, Fraile, Portachuelo, and Agenor. These five locations equate to a total of 460 MW. Each of the developments are moving along quickly and we expect to have them all fully operational by the end of 2022.

The solar development teams have recently secured the land for a second project in Mallorca, named Puntiro Hive, which is a total of 65 MW. This project is an addition to an existing project named Mallorca Hive (14 MW).  For the latter, Hive is planning to request the Administrative Authorisation application during May 2022. Additionally, we are expecting to secure a third project in Mallorca for 40 MW, we will be able to share further updates on the progression of this project in the near future.

Green Hydrogen

Lastly, Hive has also signed an additional 2,000 Hectares of land agreements for green hydrogen, which brings the total to 10,900 Hectares of solar and wind generating capacity dedicated to H2.

Hive Spain is at the forefront of our green hydrogen development. We have a dedicated Business Development Manager for H2 in the country who works alongside our larger global H2 team. At present, the team is working on a pipeline of over 20 H2 projects in Spain alone, which totals over 9 GW.


Spanish leaders, like many others around the world, have set a goal to reduce carbon emissions. In Spain, renewable energy targets are high. The aim is to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2050, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 90%, in line with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

For Spain to reach their green energy goals, they will increase capacity for renewable energy generation by a minimum of 3 GW every year. Primarily, the country will be investing in Photovoltaic energy and wind, followed closely by green hydrogen.

Hive will be supporting Spain’s renewable energy revolution. So far, we have completed or sold 11 projects in the country, equating to over 1,000 MW of power.


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