Hive Energy develops 2 GW of projects

Hive Energy develops 2 GW of projects

Since its launch in 2010, Hive Energy has successfully developed 2 GW of projects and deployed £1.6 billion investment in clean energy technologies – marking a new milestone in Hive Energy’s race to save the planet.

Hive has an industry leading track record of developing innovative projects that support the acceleration of the climate agenda. Having recently sold its flag ship solar scheme Cleve Hill Solar Park to Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners, Hive is setting its sights on other innovative green technologies, including bio-energy, green hydrogen and pulverised fuel ash and is aiming to deliver 10 GW of projects to support the green transition.

Some of these include their recent partnership with Dutch green energy company DBG Group looks to transform industrial waste into Biogas and fertilisers, Hive Aggregates which looks to use industrial by-products and waste to create sustainable building products and Hive Carbon which uses world leading technology to produce biochar from Alien Invasive biomass.

Hive Energy launched in the UK and has applied its experience in the UK solar industry in emerging markets across the world. Hive has now set up ten global offices – recently opening offices in Italy, Portugal, Greece, Serbia, New Zealand and Canada in order to support the global transition to green energy.

Hive Energy’s CEO, Giles Redpath, spoke about the company’s achievements and ambitious goals:

“Looking forward, we want to continue to accelerate the development and delivery of clean technologies. We are extremely pleased to have developed 2 GW of projects, and now we hope to achieve 10GW of projects developed. We will continue to invest in innovative technology and world-class projects in our race to save the planet.”