Ethical Power acquires full ownership of Ethical Power Connections Ltd

On the 25th October 2023, Ethical Power Group Ltd completed the acquisition of shares owned by Andreas and Laura Fritzsche and became sole shareholder of Ethical Power Connections Ltd.

Pursuant to the Agreement, Andreas’ and Laura’s management roles in the company have been concluded.

Ethical Power Connections Ltd is the independent connections provider (ICP) division of the Ethical Power Group. It will continue to operate as normal with no change to ongoing contracts.  

“Our ambitious growth plans, both nationally and internationally, require an aligned strategic approach and streamlined operations. This acquisition gives us an opportunity to further consolidate our operations, integrate our teams and create a stronger value proposition to our clients and partners,” comments Tom Kneen, CEO and Founder of the Ethical Power Group.

“Andreas Fritzsche has led the ICP division of the Ethical Power Group for over 6 years and the growth of this business during his time as Managing Director has been exponential,” he adds.

“We are confident that through this consolidation we are further future-proofing our business and our brand. We will continue to operate with a firm focus on quality and integrity and drive progress amongst all aspects of our operations, in line with our company values.”

Following the acquisition, Amitoj Singh was appointed the Managing Director of Ethical Power Connections Ltd. Proven leader with over 18 years of energy industry experience, Amitoj is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the IET, a Non-Executive Director with several organisations and has received several awards on his leadership journey, including the recent Executive Leader of the Year 2023 Award at the Engineering Talent Awards.