The most sustainable countries on Earth

The most sustainable countries on Earth

The world is warming as a result of climate change. While there are a lot of negative repercussions of global warming, many countries are paving the way in green living to create a more secure future for our planet.

Unfortunately, we are consistently seeing stories from across the globe showing negative changes to our environment. The news is seemingly getting more distressing and concerning, but there are many countries making positive changes too.

From the adoption of renewable energy to recycling and cutting landfills – These countries are documented as the most sustainable across the globe.


For Switzerland, the green credentials are in place across the board. By 2050 the country aims to be running on 100% renewable energy. As well as having low emissions from clean energy, the country utilises a carbon-capture plant to remove around 900 tonnes of carbon from the air each year.

But there is more than clean energy for Switzerland to be proud of. The country is working on restoration, specifically restoring oceans by 50%.

Switzerland is also a leading country for waste management. On average, the country converts 100,000 tonnes of waste into energy for the community. It’s actually one of the few countries without landfill. Instead, trash is incinerated with minimal air pollution.


In relation to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Finland is one of the leading countries. The country is at the forefront of sustainable practices, bringing it close to reaching many of the SDGs social and economic goals.

The country is also renowned for its movements to renewables. The country now has more reliance on clean energy, as opposed to fossil fuels.


Sweden is consistently ranked as one of the top sustainable countries across the world. The country has fantastic renewable energy usage and significantly lower carbon emissions than other regions. Sweden aims to have reduced emissions by over 85% (and up to 100%) by 2045.

As well as focusing on renewable energy generation, the country has taken bold steps to create a green lifestyle across the country. The overall emissions are reduced further introducing electric buses, smart roads, recycling systems and improved housing for vulnerable people.