Hive’s latest PV project updates in the UK

Hive’s latest UK PV project updates

Hive has a fantastic history with PV development (Photovoltaics) in the UK. Since the company was established in 2010, we have been labelled as a solar leader across England. So far, we’ve completed over 40 PV projects across the globe, including 30 projects in England alone. In total, we’ve created over 750 MW of PV projects between Devon and Lancashire, on sites which are now sold or completed.

Progress on UK PV projects 

After much success across England, we now have pipeline PV projects across the entire UK, including Scotland and Wales. Working with our group company, Ethical Power, we are on a mission to support the UK’s transition to clean energy. Our UK PV project pipeline comprises of over 20 sites with a total of 791 MW DC capacity. Most of these projects are already in a great position, with land and grid secured already.

PV Project updates

Woodington – Our Woodington site, based near our HQ in Romsey, has recently secured its final set of planning permissions. This is a fantastic step forward for the 48 MW site that means we will be able to move into construction around Q3 of 2022 with a target completion early Q2 2023.

Churchover – The Churchover site is 13 MW and based in Rugby, England. This site is already fully operational and has been running for over a year now. This site is now being marketed for sale so we can redeploy funds to other development projects across the UK and overseas.

Cleve HillCleve Hill is our largest UK project at a whopping 370 MW. The site, located on the Kent coast, was sold last year in 2021 and is now about to commence construction with a target energization Q3 2023. Once complete, this site will provide power to over 91,000 homes.

What’s next for the UK?

Our UK Managing Director, Hugh Brennan, is currently negotiating on other large scale PV sites across GB. The sites are over 100 MW each so will significantly bolster our UK portfolio. We’ll share more updates on our UK project progression and negotiations as soon as we can.

If you’d like to learn more about our UK projects and investment opportunities, contact Hugh using the button below.