Hive’s 40MW and 100MW Greek Projects reach their most significant milestone

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The 40 and 100 MWp projects located at Domokos of Central Greece, after obtaining Environmental Permits have achieved to get Binding connection Terms by the Independent Power Transmission Operator. Binding Connection Terms is arguably the most difficult part in the licensing process of the projects in Greece due to congested grid capacity. Having Binding connection terms the projects are eligible either to participate in the state auctions or sign a private PPA with an offtaker.

Development on the sites began in December 2019 and now only the installation License is required to reach full Ready to Build (RTB) status, which is expected to be achieved by the end of December.

The projects are part of a portfolio of 280MW which have been granted special Fast Tack status by the Greek government since they were characterized as a Strategic Investment in Greece.