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Our Mission

At Hive Energy we’re doing what we should be doing: creating transformational change for a cleaner future by delivering world-class solar projects and smart solutions across the circular economy.

Our belief is that renewable energy generation is the most important thing that is going to happen to our planet over the next 50 years.

Solar energy is unique. It has the power to transform the planet. It is one of the quickest, cheapest and most simple renewable energy technologies that can be deployed on a global scale.

Allied to this is our commitment to embrace the circular economy, finding innovative solutions to transform and re-purpose waste to achieve a cleaner, greener future.

What We Do

Hive Energy is an experienced international developer and operator of solar photovoltaic projects. In addition, Hive identifies and develops green solutions centred around the circular economy.

Founded in 2010 Hive Energy has since become established as one of the most experienced UK solar developers, ranked the country’s 2nd largest solar developer having developed 30 projects nationally and now operates across 8 offices globally.

Site identification and design, grid connections, consents and permitting, PPAs.
All aspects of project financing.
Working alongside our trusted EPC partners.
Ownership & Operation
Maximizing value through long term ownership.



Clean Futures

Extending our mission beyond solar.

Hive’s 40MW and 100MW Greek Projects reach their most significant milestone

The 40 and 100 MWp projects located at Domokos of Central Greece, after obtaining Environmental Permits have achieved to get Binding connection Terms by the Independent Power Transmission Operator. Binding Connection Terms is arguably the most difficult part in the licensing process of the projects in Greece due to congested grid capacity. Having B …


Hive Energy makes further progress in energy transition by securing 2GW of renewable energy projects for green hydrogen production in Spain

Hive Energy has made further progress in energy transition by securing 2GW of renewable energy projects for green hydrogen production in Spain. Hive Energy is a leading British solar and energy transition developer with a Spanish division located in Alicante. One of Hive’s key initiatives is the development of industrial-scale green hydrogen …


Hive Energy develops 2 GW of projects

Since its launch in 2010, Hive Energy has successfully developed 2 GW of projects and deployed £1.6 billion investment in clean energy technologies – marking a new milestone in Hive Energy’s race to save the planet. Hive has an industry leading track record of developing innovative projects that support the acceleration of the climate agenda. …


Hive Energy Appoints New Italy General Manager

Hive Energy are expanding their operations in Europe, and have appointed a new General Manager in Italy, further advancing the company’s international presence in clean energy market. Stefano Salerno has been appointed to lead business development in the Italian market for Hive Energy. Stefano brings a wealth of experience with him, having worked …