Project Financing

At Hive Energy, we develop high-quality assets to deliver high-value returns. 

We have partnered with world-leading project financing and industry investors to deliver around 2 GW of solar assets.

Our team is highly experienced at all aspects of project funding and project financing. We are funded through debt and equity partnerships, which enable us to develop and construct assets efficiently and quickly. Project financing allows us to quickly expand on our pipeline and investments around the globe.

The Hive Energy team are working on a renewable energy pipeline across the globe. Our renewable energy pipeline consists of solar, wind, green hydrogen, and green ammonia projects. As well as our green energy projects, we are investing in sustainable companies through the circular economy. 

We have successfully completed 60+ sites in Cuba, Spain, Turkey, and the UK.

As well as our complete/sold projects, we have around 200 sites in our project pipeline across 20 countries.

Our upcoming projects are a range of renewable technologies including solar, wind, green hydrogen, and green ammonia. Our upcoming projects include one of the world’s largest green ammonia plants, in South Africa, and green hydrogen plants in conjunction with Fusion Fuel, based in Spain.

If you’d like to know more about our project financing, please get in touch today using the form below.