Grid connections secured for four solar projects in Serbia with a total capacity of 216.5MW

Hive Energy in Serbia

Last year we secured land for 490MW of solar developments in Serbia, in line with new legislations for the country’s renewable energy development. 

For the most recent TSO deadline, in December 2023, we submitted four PV grid applications with accompanied BESS. Project capacities are between 40-71.5MW (AC). The projects received TSO grid connection studies and are moving forward. We expect that we will sign the next contract with TSO, contract for connection, in early June 2024 after submitting bank guarantees for grid connection. 

Next steps for the Serbian projects

Now that Regional Manager, Bojan, has secured grid for the four projects totalling 216.5MW, we are expecting to reach the next steps in coming months.

Each of the projects have accompanying battery energy storage systems that are 10% of the overall PV capacity.

The Pirot and Prokuplje projects (50MW and 40MW respectively) have on-going urbanisation documents in progress as part of the planning process, and we expect to pass the urbanism planning procedure and receive location conditions for PV and grid this summer. This will be the final urbanism documentation stage for the sites before progressing to design later this summer. Following closely behind is the Veliko Gradiste I and II projects (71.5MW and 55MW respectively). Hive is targeting RTB (Ready-to-Build) status planned for the projects from Q4 2024 into Q1 2025. 

The second batch of projects in our pipeline, Veliko Gradiste I and II, are expected to reach RTB a few months later. 

We now have four projects with a total of 216.5MW (AC) capacity connection approved. Bojan is preparing a new portfolio of projects for the September TSO cut off. We have seven further projects, with a total capacity of more than 500MW, that will be included in Bojan’s future TSO proposals.