We’ve received four pre-licence agreements in Türkiye, with a 306 MWp total capacity

We’ve received four pre-licence agreements in Türkiye, with a 306 MW total capacity

We are pleased to share that at the end of June we obtained pre-licences, from the Energy Marketing Regulatory Authority, on four of our PV and battery storage projects across Türkiye.

Remarkably, Hive’s four successfully achieved pre-licenses mean that we hold one of the largest groups of permitted projects within one company. This is a significant achievement for Hive as there were approximately five times the number of applications compared to awarded capacity. The competition for the pre-licenses is fierce, primarily due to the fact that project capacity will be subsequently guaranteed.

About the projects

The four projects, which total 306 MWp, are all photovoltaic and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). These are some of the first PV and BESS projects to be developed in the country.  Three of the sites will be located in the town of Ankara, and one in Eskişehir.

In addition to the four projects we secured pre-licenses for, we achieved successful results on Joint Venture projects too. We attained pre-licenses for two further photovoltaic and BESS projects in the country. This includes a 39.2 MWp project in Şanliurfa City and we are waiting for confirmations on an additional development in of 92,66MWp in Malatya City. We have 50% interests in these projects that we hope to share more news on soon.

The pre-license agreements mean that we have a maximum of three years to develop the four projects to ready-to-build stage. Within that time, we will finish the environmental impact assessment process’, the project designs, land acquisitions, and zoning permits. A further benefit of the secured pre-licenses means our projects will have guaranteed capacities and connection points.

Hive’s work in Türkiye

Türkiye is a long-standing region for development for Hive Energy. Back in 2018 we completed our first project in the country, Adiyaman. The 10.5 MW project powers around 1,300 homes each year, saving close to 10,800 tonnes of CO2.

Country Manager, Tolga Metin, is currently developing a portfolio of six solar and battery storage projects in Türkiye, with a total capacity of almost 400 MW. As well as PV and BESS technology, we are in the early stages of green hydrogen planning and development in the region.