Humans of Hive – Clara Baltay

Humans of Hive – Clara Baltay. Clara is stood smiling with her UCL paperwork.

“I am half Austrian and half American and have lived in five countries, funnily enough none of which were Austria or America. I have grown up in the UK since I was nine years old and so feel very much at home here.

“Currently, I am based in Liverpool with the rest of the Hive Ventures team. I moved here for this job, having never even visited the city before. But I have absolutely loved it. Having moved around a lot growing up, moving to a new place is something I will always enjoy, and Liverpool has a lot to offer – even for a non-football fan like me!

“My background is scientific; I have a Masters in Biochemistry from University College London. Many of our partner start-ups link incredibly well with this background given the chemistry and biochemistry involved in their technologies. This link is what originally brought me to the role at Hive Ventures. But it almost goes without saying, I was also motivated by the focus on sustainability and the environment.

“I finished my degree and started in my role at Hive in the very middle of the pandemic. This made for some strange graduation celebrations with home-printed degree certificates, and an entirely zoom-introduction to the Hive team.

“I joined Hive at the start of 2021 as a Research Manager on the Hive Ventures team. At Hive Ventures, we are working to evaluate start-ups with novel sustainable technologies, and then to partner and support these companies in their growth to commercial scale through investment and project management support. The day-to-day of the role varies greatly depending on the phases of the businesses, but currently we are working intensely to help bring our existing partner companies from lab and pilot plant scale through to first large-scale industrial operations.

“One of the stand-out things that I find enjoyable working as part of Hive Ventures is being to work so closely with multiple different management teams at our partner start-ups. It’s impressive to see the progress they have already made and the technologies they have developed and rewarding to work with them in taking the project to the next level.”

Clara Baltay – Research Manager, Hive Ventures