Humans of Hive – Horacio López Manzitti

Humans of Hive – Horacio López Manzitti

“I am based in Argentina. I love being here with my family and friends having good times, we have drinks and barbecues regularly. Every week I play football and partake in some sports, but football, boxing, and skiing are my favourite. And, of course, I spend lots of time playing with my three children.

“I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I started working in the energy sector after my engineering career. I had worked for many years within the energy market, but I always wanted to get into renewables as it was clear that renewables were the future. I went to study to Spain, where I met Luis who is Hive’s Spanish Country Manager, and we became friends. Through him I met Giles, Hive’s founder, and then I joined the company.

“I joined Hive in June 2016 as the Country Manager for Argentina, but I also manage Hive’s pipeline across Latin America. For me, a typical day starts at 7 am. I take my daughter and son to school and about 8:30 am I start working. An average day can vary between calls, meetings, travel from time to time, and office work. My favourite thing about Hive is the freedom, we are able to develop as a business, which I think is the entrepreneur spirit. I think it’s quite exiting to find a project opportunity and look at the way to make it happen.

“It has been incredible watching Hive develop since 2016. The company grew so quickly, and that fast growth has allowed us to diversify in so many different markets other than solar, where we started.”

Horacio López manzitti: General Manager Latin America