Hive has so far sold over 1 GW of solar projects in Spain

Hive has so far sold over 1 GW of solar projects in Spain

Following on from the news of our latest project sale, Fundici, we have so far sold 16 projects in Spain. Hive has been working in Spain since 2016, developing solar projects across the country.

Besides growing our pipeline, we have also expanded our team in the past six years. Hive now has 10 full-time members of the team operating from our Alicante office, including our Country Manager, Luis Martinez Hermida, an Operations Director, Business Development Managers for solar and green hydrogen projects, a Finance Manager, and an Office Manager.

Our completed projects

In total, Hive has sold 16 solar projects amounting to 1,144 MW capacity – that’s enough energy to power around 650,000 homes. Projects range in size from 8 MW sites to large-scale farms of 264 MW in peak capacity.

The largest site (264 MW) is Valdesolar Hive, which was the largest solar plant in Spain at the time of completion. This site alone provides power to the equivalent of 153,000 homes. This 616-hectare site is made up of 648,000 solar panels and delivers a range of social and environmental benefits, including conservation zones to protect bird species prevalent to the local area. Construction for this project began in July 2020 and the project owner, Repsol, initiated commercial operation in July 2021.

Hive’s future in Spain

While we have a strong portfolio of projects in the country, we continue to scale up our renewable energy pipeline in Spain, presently around 30 projects totalling almost 10 GW capacity. In addition to our solar development, we are now expanding into alternative renewable technologies, including wind, green hydrogen, and green ammonia. Our current pipeline includes 13 solar projects amounting to 388 MW and 16 green hydrogen projects amounting to almost 9 GW.

Spain’s commitment to a green future

As a nation, Spain is committed to the green energy agenda, with goals to run on 100% renewable energy by 2050. The goals set by the Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition has two milestones, 2030 and 2050, with different goals:

Goals of the Spanish agenda for 2030:

–       Reduced greenhouse gas emissions by a minimum of 20% below 1990 levels

–       Generate at least 74% of its electricity from renewable sources

–       Improve energy efficiency by 35%

Goals of the Spanish agenda for 2050:

–       Achieve 100% renewable energy

–       Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 90% in line with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change

You can see our full Spanish pipeline including solar, wind, green hydrogen, and green ammonia projects by clicking the button below.