We’re intending to sell a substantial share of our Italian pipeline

plans for 400 MW of our Italian pipeline

We’ve recently begun approaching investors with a view to divesting part of our Italian renewable energy pipeline. The projects total more than 400 MWp and comprise a variety of solar technologies, including ground-mounted, tracker, east-west and floating.

We only entered the Italian renewables market less than one and a half years ago, so being in this position within such a short period of time highlights the tremendous efforts the whole Hive team have made. Helped by our deep knowledge of the Italian market and utilising our extensive development skills, we have been able to bring these 13 projects from early-stage development to late-stage development, where we are ready to exit. 

Our overall pipeline in Italy is now over 1GW, including both solar and green hydrogen projects. We have projects in a variety of stages, including those with grid and land secured – many are expected to reach ready-to-build status before 2024.

If you’re interested in learning more about our renewable energy pipeline in Italy, please contact Hive’s Country Manager, Stefano, using the button below.